Konnect Me is an easy to use mobile app for Android & iPhone to connect all people of your community, association, organisation or club on one platform.
With Konnect Me you can get information about your community members, events, business categories of members, birthday and anniversary dates of all members, bio-data of potential bachelors in your community and much more absolutely FREE.

You can get personal, business, educational and family details of all members at your fingertip.
It is FREE for everyone to download on Android & iPhone. However, to login in the app your mobile number must be registered with your community, association, organisation or club and that community, in turn, should be registered with us. You can then download app and login to the app to access all features.

If your community is still not registered with us, contact us and we will create app for your samaj (community) absolutely FREE.
We will add/display your information with permission from the head of your community. However, after downloading the app you can hide your contact details if you don't want to everyone to see it.
Go to settings, select birthday & anniversary reminder. A clock will be displayed there. You can set or change time of receiving reminders anytime of the day.
If you are a registered member of Konnect Me, click on Profile and then scroll down to Family Details and add details of your family members along with photos. You can also access family details of other members in the same way. In this way, all community members can have their family directory online.
Open Konnect Me app and click on Search or Members.
In Search, you can search for any particular member by name, number, business, address or blood group.
In Members, you can get list of all members sorted alphabetically.
You can also click on Business Category and see members according to their business categories.
You can search for any particular member by name, number, business, address or blood group.
Konnect Me has a single button to contact people via Call, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Facebook and Website. You don’t have to remember any number or don’t have to save any details.
No. We don't charge any fee for developing Konnect Me app for any community. No matter how many members are part of your community, the app is free for everyone to use.
Matrimonial is one of the most important features of Konnect Me and it shows the bio-data of all potential bachelors from your community across India. Just open the app and click on Matrimonial and you will see options to View bio-data, Search bio-data, Add bio-data, etc.
At this stage, Matrimonial feature is not enabled in all communities. Please contact us on apps@qlooit.in if you want to get Matrimonial feature enabled in your community.
You can still use the application. You just need to enter registered number on login screen and you will receive an OTP (one time password) on that number. You can then enter that OTP in the phone with active Internet connection.
You can also contact us on apps@qlooit.in to modify your registered number.
If you have Konnect Me installed on your phone and notifications allowed, you would receive event notifications whenever any Admin posts an event.
Only Admin of your community can post event in android/iOS app for samaj (community).
Making an Admin in app is solely on the discretion of President/Secretary or an authorised person of your community.
Admin has access to following features:
  1. Add new event & post photos for that event
  2. Add new member
  3. Update number of a member
  4. Send SMS to all members, family members or committee members.
  5. Edit details of any member
  6. Add another Admin
As of now app has around 100 business categories listed. If you are unable to find a relevant category, contact us on apps@qlooit.in and we will look into it and if need be, add a new business category. And you will then be able to access complete samaj diary online with business details.
Chat is an important feature in Konnect Me app and you may miss out on important announcements if you opt out of receiving notifications. However, if you want to stop receiving notifications for chat, just open Chat and click on the icon on the top right of the screen. There you will find an option to Mute Chat. You can see all chat messages any time you want by clicking on Chat option. However, you will not receive any notifications for chat until you switch on the option again.
Currently, you can stay informed about news from your community via Events section only. A separate News section will be a part of app soon.
Contact Admin of your community and he can add event in the app.